Collin County Water Restrictions

If you are a Collin County resident, chances are you know all about the Stage 3 water restrictions we have experienced since November 1, 2011. Watering your lawns is only permitted once every other week, existing pools are not permitted to be drained and refilled, and establishing new landscaping is highly discouraged. Since the rain in late January and recent wet weather, the North Texas Municipal Water District Board of Directors has decided to keep the Stage 3 water restricitons in place through May 31, 2012 instead of moving to Stage 4 as early as April 1st, 2012.

Although the rain has been a welcome change during the usually dry La Niña weather patterns North Texans have experienced of late, it has not been enough to end the water restrictions. If residents continue to abide by the current restrictions, it is hopeful that Stage 4 restrictions can now be avoided. However, we are certainly not out of the woods yet with the still looming drought conditions across the state and probable long, hot summer that lies ahead. For residents, Stage 4 restrictions would mean no watering of your lawn and vehicle, with the exception of trees and your foundation. Especially important for residents in the process of building a new pool is the ban on permits for private pools. Once Stage 4 water restrictions go into effect you will not be able to receive a permit, but those who have already been permitted will be able to be filled with water. Obviously, this is extremely important if you are considering installing a pool this spring or summer.


Please view pages 13 – 16 in the District’s model for complete details about Stage 3 and Stage 4 water restrictions.